GRAU index 6B7-1М Kevlar helmet under the index 6B7-1M. This helmet was introduced in 2006 as a general-purpose military helmet (early versions and until 2013, although it is reported that it is still being produced today).

It was mainly used in ground and airborne forces and was called the helmet of paratroopers and “peacekeepers” who could be seen during the Russian attack on Georgia in 2008. The company Armokom produced this helmet and the latest general-purpose military helmet of the Russian army, the 6B47 (Ratnik system), came from it, which Russia considers the best helmet in the world.

We have several such helmets in our collection, and they are very difficult to find. An art object from such a helmet will be an exclusive item in your collection.

You can read information about this helmet at this link: In English: http://worldmilitary.org/en/russia/ballistic_protection_russia/shlemy_kaski/RU-HE-00003

There is a video from a collector about this helmet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdyTJEiwlww

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