Collection #1

Here you can see our Art of War, which we create from war trophies and artifacts, as well as items dedicated to the bravery of Ukrainians. Each item is the work of talented art workers from our country, who dedicate their creations to the fight of Ukrainians and the world against dictatorship and slavery.


The land of Ukraine is dotted with artifacts of the Scythians, who mysteriously came and just as mysteriously disappeared. One could talk for hours about the magic of the Scythians […]


This is a very strange story about an unusual item. I didn’t plan it. Although, to be honest, each of our items is such an unusual blend of coincidences, people, […]


Schmuck is an interesting word. From German, it means narrow (in Russian – узкий), and from English – fool. The schmucks who turn into packages for money in Ukraine are […]


This is our Mriya (Dream). NATO codename – Cossack. It is one of Ukraine’s symbols that wasdestroyed by occupiers at the beginning of the war. They will never destroy our […]


BULLET MOHAWK Since ancient times, Ukrainian Cossacks were renowned for their Cossack-style haircuts. They shaved the side parts of their heads and left hair in the center, resembling a mohawk […]


The one and only pink Soviet helmetophone of the driver with a first-generation PNW-57 night vision device. Adorned with kittens and rhinestones. Once belonged to the great army of slaves […]


This work is dedicated to our Gods of Fire – the artillerymen who annihilate orcs on the battlefield by the thousands. True Heroes of Ukraine and fire artists, they create […]

ROAR OF STARS from Ukraine

It is created on the basis of a 100mm casing from an anti-tank shell used when shooting from the T12 “Rapier” gun. S/N: 00006shellAOW


“Champions of death” – the ultimate reality show of the post-war era in the terrorist state. Set in the aftermath of the war initiated in Ukraine in 2022, this gripping […]


S_H_I_S_H_A A smoking device that allows you to filter and cool the inhaled smoke. It is common to smoke a shisha after a meal, in a calm and quiet environment. […]