Art of War is a project born to form the freedom by the people of Ukraine. We stand strong together!
Artists and Designers have come together to procure ex military relics and from these elements, we have designed unique pieces of art, something that will amaze you and you will be proud to own.
The funds received from these pieces go towards assisting Ukraine in the war against Russia.

Inspiration & Charity
  • Before the war, we lived our lives, adored Ukraine and its people. When the war began, each of us started to give everything for the Victory. We realized that the enemy equipment destroyed by our soldiers, the trophies and artifacts of the war are symbols of freedom that the world of free people is waiting for and from which we can create the ART OF WAR.

  • We want not only to create interesting things from war trophies and artifacts that will be "Made in Ukraine", but also to help Ukrainians. Today, many of our brothers and sisters, children of Ukraine, need help. That is why we will donate the money from the sales of our project's items to charity, leaving only what will allow us to support the craftsmen in creating beautiful things.

  • Charity auctions to raise more funds for charity - that is our goal. If you want to buy items from the collection, or if you want us to make an item for you from war trophies or artifacts, leave your contact information, and we will contact you to discuss all the details.

    Order an ART OF WAR item

If you want to buy items from the collection or have us create an item for you from war trophies or artifacts, please leave your contact information, and we will get in touch with you to discuss all the details.

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To become a partner of our project, please write to us at our email address or use the contact form on our website. We will be happy to review your request and discuss all the opportunities for collaboration. Thank you for your interest in our project!

Mission Statement
  • For almost 80 years, the entire civilized world has not seen a war like the one that the Russian Federation unleashed in Ukraine. Against our will, we have become the center of a battle between two worlds: dictatorship and slavery versus democracy and freedom. But Ukrainians have taken up this fight for freedom and the whole world is helping us in this battle.

  • «The war in Ukraine» has become the most well-known event in the world in 2022 and continues to be so in 2023. The stories of people, battles, victories of Ukrainians, global support, and the actions of the best people in the fight against evil will become the basis for works of artists in various fields and will remain of interest to humanity for many generations to come.

  • Russian forces left us and the entire world with a reminder of what dictatorship and slavery look like, as well as war trophies and artifacts. Anyone in the world can obtain our war trophies as symbols of the fact that freedom is invincible and light always conquers darkness.

  • The trophies from our project are truly "Made in Ukraine". First by the soldiers, and then our craftsmen have turned them into valuable items of history for those who want to own a part of it. Our aim is for Military Art from Ukraine to remind people of the consequences of dictatorship and the triumph of freedom! And of course, to showcase that war trophies can be not only meaningful but also beautiful and unique items☺