Rear tank lights

T-64 is a great story. It was first manufactured in 1951 in Kharkiv.

The first modification, the “medium tank T-64” (object 432), was adopted in January 1967, and the T-64A modification (object 434) became the first main battle tank of the Soviet Union. The medium tank received heavy tank armament. It was very modern for its time and very secretive. Even at military parades in Moscow, T-64 tanks only participated once – on May 9, 1985.

These tanks are the basis for Ukrainian modernization and the creation of modern tanks. These tanks are also in the hands of occupiers, who have handed them over to terrorists in eastern Ukraine for use in battles to hide their presence and claim that the war in eastern Ukraine is a civil conflict.

For us, it is a wonderful exhibit and an opportunity for creativity in various styles of its use by the masters of our project.

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