RPO-A Shmel

Reactive Infantry Flamethrower RPO “Jmily” is a disposable, Soviet-made rocket-propelled flamethrower. It is designed to hit open fire points, lightly armored and automotive vehicles, destroy enemy soldiers in the open and in enclosed spaces. With the 93-mm caliber RPO-A’s high-explosive effect, it is no less effective than 122-152-mm artillery shells on primary targets. The flamethrower consists of a fiberglass launch tube-container, a capsule with a thermobaric/ignition/smoke warhead, and a powder/solid fuel rocket engine. It is mainly used by the armies of the former Soviet Union countries. The effective range of this grenade launcher is 150 meters. Heavy and not very effective in terms of range, but very capable of delivering damage. It was called “Shaitan-tuba” in Afghanistan.

The flamethrower tube is not dangerous and has already been used by our soldiers on the front lines in combat operations. It was handed over to us to transform into an art piece. We can create an interesting piece for you.

You can also find more information about the flamethrower in English at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RPO-A_Shmel, and in Ukrainian at https://uk.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%94%D0%B6%D0%BC%D1%96%D0%BB%D1%8C_(%D0%B2%D0%BE%D0%B3%D0%BD%D0%B5%D0%BC%D0%B5%D1%82)

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