SET №2 «Elegant» Presented for your attention is a set of trendy military gear from the Russian army’s “Autumn-Winter 2022” collection.

Everything is clean and no longer smells like the “Russian world.”

The set includes the following items: 1. A warm jacket without lining, but still warm. 2. Warm pants with suspenders to prevent them from falling down when running out of the trench towards Belgorod. 3. A warm “Ushanka” hat, the officer’s luxurious version with ear flaps. 4. A cap with a cockade, similar to an officer’s style. 5. Russian army boots. 6. A 1968 model steel helmet. According to the Russians, due to the lack of Kevlar helmets in the second world army, this helmet is the pride of grandfathers, which still needs to be earned in battles for Putin. This helmet belonged to a soldier named Murashko S.L. from some 1st company.

The set is in perfect condition. It was smuggled into Ukraine in violation of the rules and was confiscated by brave soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now it is part of the great history of the Ukrainian people’s battle for freedom and independence in the years 2022-2023.

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