SSh-68M (6B14)

The steel helmet SSh-68M with the index 6B14 is a further development of the 1968 helmet model. In the 1990s, aramid materials (essentially Kevlar) became popular, which were then researched and developed by the Steel Scientific Research Institute, the main developer of protective equipment for the Russian army. In the absence of funds, the Russians had to meet modern standards and write off a huge amount of money for “modern” development.

So they took the steel helmet from 1968, covered it with aramid fabric and supplied this helmet to their armed forces from the early 2000s.

The aramid coating increased the weight of the old helmet by 400 grams and the total weight of such a specimen began to be around 2 kg with a wear time of no more than 4 hours. It belongs to the 1st protection class and can protect against pistol bullets and small fragments.

These helmets are very rare specimens on the battlefield, you could say they are a “limited edition.” There is practically no information about them in the public domain. Perhaps because this helmet is a secret development 🙂 Although most likely because poverty and corruption in Russia in the 2000s created something resembling modern protection standards from the Soviet steel helmet.

Some sources write that such helmets are still being produced for the Russian army, and if this is true, it is very good for Ukraine.

We have several such specimens in our collection and they are very difficult to find. An art object made from such a helmet will be an exclusive item in your collection.

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