“We can repeat” – these words were ingrained in the minds of the occupiers for decades. It seemed like an intriguing bravado. These words altered the minds of millions of people who sent their men to die and kill hundreds of thousands of others. Senselessly, for profit and emotions.

For centuries, Muscovy has been obliterating nations; that’s its essence and its entire meaning: the thirst for acquiring new slaves, new territories for plunder and violence. Few managed to break free from their grip. Those who could, would always live and await the horde – to either submit obediently or resist.

The horde will strategize, prepare for killings, bribe local politicians who will sow discord from within and divide society. They conquer through blood and fear, greed and corruption; their task is to lay the groundwork for invasion and uncover traitors from within. The horde boasts centuries of experience in subjugating nations.
The soldiers of the horde have no names, no history – they are faceless entities who dutifully take up arms, wear dog tags with numbers around their necks, and march for spoils they will never attain. The fate for each horde soldier with a dog tag is the same – to meet their death on foreign soil. Or to commit acts of violence against free people, whose memories are later drowned in vodka and the futility of war.

The Heroes of Ukraine met the enemy with dignity, amassing many tens of thousands of dog tags from horde soldiers, trophies, and evidence of the subjugation of Muscovy’s slaves. This serves as a reminder to descendants that the horde always returns.

Regarding our trophy, the dog tag RA-492486, there is no name, no history, nothing but a piece of metal with a nondescript number. The life of this soldier is worth nothing – he was a slave born among slaves in the 21st century, picked up arms, and perished in Ukraine.
Just like hundreds of thousands of other indoctrinated metal-bearers.
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