The land of Ukraine is dotted with artifacts of the Scythians, who mysteriously came and just as mysteriously disappeared. One could talk for hours about the magic of the Scythians and what kind of people they were. But their memory persists through millennia, even though attempts have been made to conceal it. Personally, I don’t believe in the stories that the Scythians were some wandering tribe. They were the people born from our land, and at certain moments, they left a mark for all of human civilization.

Free, invincible, just warriors who coexisted with the ancient settlements and created one of the most powerful empires of their romantic military elite era. The Persians wept in the face of their mighty army, Troy and the Roman civilization remembered them, and the Greeks wrote legends about them and crafted golden adornments. The Scythians fought, drank wine, and believed they were the children of the sun and Targitaus (Hercules in Greek mythology).

The territory of Ukraine is marked by the tips of Scythian arrows and their magical bronze. Thousands of them are here. They hold codes for us—the descendants: to believe in ourselves, to collectively defeat enemies, and to glorify warriors who are the elite of society. A simple recipe for the greatness of a nation during challenging times.

This artwork is fantastic, a gem in our collection. A talented artist created this piece using an airbrush, and its uniqueness is unparalleled. We’re fortunate to have such a work in our collection. It was crafted from a large brass casing of a 152mm artillery shell, which our illustrious Cossack warriors used in their war against the horde of slaves. This is the largest existing brass casing. The canvas of the painting is nearly 1×1 meter.

The music accompanying the video belongs to the talented SVAROG LIGHT. His creativity sends shivers down your spine.

S/N: 00008shellAOW

Music: Svarog Light – Скіфія