A part of a tank

In 1972, a new version of the carousel loading mechanism with horizontally positioned projectile charges in trays above the trays of shells appeared on the Soviet T-72 tank. Since 1992, this loading mechanism has been installed on the Russian T-90 tank. Unfortunately, compared to its predecessor, the loading mechanism has two significant disadvantages that have not been addressed to this day:

  • The transporter relies not on the turret drive sprocket, but on the bottom of the hull, so the loading mechanism fails when subjected to external influences (impact on the projection of the supporting surface or mine explosion).
  • The transporter’s capacity for six rounds is less due to the larger diameter of the projectile charge casings positioned horizontally.

We have a part of this carousel loading mechanism in our collection.

You can see how this loading mechanism works in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipc9BBodqC8 For us, it is a wonderful exhibit and an opportunity for creative use in different styles by the craftsmen in our project.

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