This helmet has a history…

It was fascinating to receive this particular helmet as a part of the collection from the Atlas company in Siberia, but it became even more interesting when we discovered the “history” of its previous owner (you will be surprised to know who our Warriors eliminated).

Regarding the history of the helmet’s creation, the country’s defense industry has evolved. Now, in 2023, we find helmets resembling the so-called FAST (Future Assault Shell Technology) combat helmet used by US special operations forces and law enforcement agencies. These helmets are made not only from Kevlar but also from formed ballistic ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene, claimed to be 1.5 times stronger than Kevlar.

The Atlas company from Siberia manufactures these helmets. There have been claims on YouTube and in comments that the helmets are imported from China, equipped with makeshift systems, and sold at a higher price.

On websites, I managed to find an approximate price for such a helmet – around 1,000 US dollars. While the Wagner Group was fighting in Ukraine, some of their fighters wore these helmets. I believe it was the Wagner Group’s special forces, as most Wagner members wore either Russian standard helmets or ones resembling the old NATO standards.

As for the history of the helmet’s owner, “Tashai” was a Wagner fighter who our heroes eliminated near Bakhmut in November 2022. His nickname was previously associated with a well-known Russian killer named “Kolobok”, who was sentenced to 19 years in prison for murders. However, his reincarnation took place within the Wagner group. He was even awarded the medal “For Courage.”

As Russian media wrote: “With this, Kolobok’s story ended, and Tashai’s story as a defender of the homeland began”. Oleg Dzarakhokhov (also known as Kolobok and Tashai with the “For Courage” medal from the country where he killed dozens of people) was a member of one of the bloodiest gangs in Russia, responsible for more than 50 killings (Dzhako Gang) – a gang that was the leader in the number of murders.

This devil, a hero in Russia, met his end in Ukraine. There is a lot of intriguing information about him on the internet. Probably, he was a highly respected figure within the Wagner Group, considering the fashionable helmet on his head, but in Ukraine, our Heroes dealt with him pragmatically and without lengthy discussions. Kolobok did not escape from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This helmet holds a lot of historical significance and makes for a compelling exhibit on military aggression in Ukraine by the terrorist country. It’s undoubtedly a top item in any war-related collection.

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