Our warriors say that the RGW 90 MATADOR is one of the best rocket launchers, especially in urban combat conditions. It is lightweight, powerful, and highly accurate in hitting targets.

This rocket launcher is a joint development of three countries: Germany, Israel, and Singapore. It was introduced into service in the 2000s and in 2022, it was provided to our allies for arming our Cossacks.

The MATADOR projectile is insensitive to wind due to its propulsion system, which allows for precise aiming.

The barrel of our rocket launcher in the collection poses no danger; it has already been used in combat on the front lines and was handed over to us for transformation into art. We can create an interesting piece for you.

You can see the operation of this rocket launcher here:

Information about the MATADOR rocket launcher in English:

Information about the MATADOR rocket launcher in Ukrainian:

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