The country of the terrorists is developing its defense industry. If at the beginning of the war, we observed enemy soldiers wearing steel helmets from the 1968 model, now (in 2023), we are starting to find helmets copied from the so-called FAST (Future Assault Shell Technology) combat helmet model used by US special operations forces and law enforcement agencies (SWAT teams).

These helmets are now made not only from Kevlar but also from formed ballistic ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene, which, according to the manufacturer, is 1.5 times stronger than Kevlar.

These helmets are manufactured by the Siberian company Atlas. On YouTube, you can find several videos and the company’s page, which supposedly produces these helmets. Some comments under these videos caught my attention, stating that no one has ever seen the company’s production facilities, and these helmets are imported from China, equipped with homemade systems, and sold at a much higher price.

I found the approximate cost of such a helmet on websites, which is around $1,000 USD. During the Wagner Group’s involvement in the conflict in Ukraine, some of their fighters were wearing these helmets. I believe it was Wagner’s special forces, as most Wagner fighters wore either standard Russian military helmets or helmets that resembled old NATO standards. This helmet belonged to one of the Wagner Group fighters who turned out to be a fan of underground rap and was captured by our soldiers near Bakhmut. The writings on the helmet are the names of rap collectives from Russia and Belarus. Additionally, there is a verse from a famous Russian youth poem on the helmet. I believe the person who wore it was very young and went to the other world amid the verses of street rap.

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