BA «Module»

In our collection of trophies, we have a body armor called “Module” from the company NPO “Special Materials,” which, according to the developers, provides protection at the Br3 level. It consists of two large plates and plate carriers.

This body armor was worn by an occupant with the nickname “Chechen.” In general, Russians are very afraid of Chechen-Kadyrovites and thought it would be the same in Ukraine. They showed us intimidating bearded Kadyrovites and frightened us by saying that they were the best, fearless, and most vicious fighters in Russia. However, it turned out that in Ukraine, these TikTok warriors could only make videos about their coolness, rape Russian soldiers, and die ignominiously on the battlefield. A part of this Kadyrovite world is in our collection of war trophies.

The body armor is in good condition, washed, and already without the smell of the “Russian world.” It was brought into Ukraine in violation of the rules and confiscated by brave soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now, it is a part of the great history of the Ukrainian people’s fight for freedom and independence in 2022-2023.

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