Body armor plates 5А

Body armor plates 5А The most interesting among the armor plates from the Ratnik kit are the “Granit” plates, which meet the 5A standard and are a source of pride for the occupiers. They consider these plates to be the best in the world. The Horde claims that these plates can withstand impacts from AK (Kalashnikov assault rifle) rounds with 7.62 millimeter armor-piercing bullets.

These ceramic-composite armor panels are made of a layer of ceramic tiles and a composite backing. Ceramic has a very high hardness-to-mass ratio. The ceramic outer layer effectively destroys the bullet, while the reinforced composite backing holds its fragments and ceramic shards.

Such armor plates are not often found for sale among trophy collectors, they are quite valuable, especially in such excellent condition.

Interesting art objects can be created from trophy armor plates that you will like and which will be symbols of the struggle of the Ukrainian people against the Russian occupiers.
You can see ballistic tests of the body armor with ceramic-composite armor panels at this link:

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