This lightweight anti-tank missile system is a true gem of our trophy museum. We were not only given the launcher itself but also a replica of the missile, which was found in a somewhat “damaged” state, free from any explosive materials. It has now become a highly exclusive exhibit.

The “Metis-M” was adopted by the Russian army as a replacement for the first-generation “Metis” ATGM, as well as earlier complexes like “Fagot” and “Konkurs.” One of the most important features of the new system was the use of rockets equipped with tandem cumulative warheads, as well as rockets with volumetric explosion warheads, also known as thermobaric warheads. Similar rockets are used in the handheld rocket flamethrower “Dzhmilyo.”

This very rare rocket with a thermobaric warhead (its replica without explosive components) is showcased in our online trophy museum. This type of ATGM with a thermobaric rocket was adopted by the Horde army in 2016, captured as a trophy by our glorious Cossacks, and is now part of our collection from the Great War of Liberation for freedom and independence.

The launcher tube of this ATGM and the replica missile pose no danger. We can create an interesting piece for you using this exclusive item.

More about the Metis-M ATGM in English:

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You can see how our Cossacks use the Metis here:

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