Fragments of war

There are many war debris like this in Ukraine. Pieces of machinery, rockets, weapons… They are everywhere that the Russian occupiers have been.

I have thought for a long time about how Russia has tried for centuries to destroy Ukraine and its people. To destroy the language, the people, the culture, and the idea of independence and freedom. They failed… For the first time since 1991, Ukraine was able to become independent and form a national idea, so as never to be with the monster again.

Now, after the war in 2022, Ukrainians will be able to erase the words “Russia” and “brother” from their thoughts for centuries and truly become independent. I don’t know of any country in the world where Russia has been and hasn’t left debris, blood, poverty, sorrow, and shattered destinies of people.

This is the only thing this country can bring… The masks are torn off for centuries, let them devour themselves on their own land, like beasts.

If you wish, we can make a wonderful exhibit out of this thing for you that you will surely like and that will remind you of who the horde from the East is.

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