Helmet “Kolpak-20”. Modernization of the steel helmet of the 68th model (SSh-68). This is the latest development by Russian specialists in the field of protecting the heads of mobilized citizens attempting to seize Ukraine.

The Russian government cannot provide all its military with Kevlar helmets, and millions of steel helmets of the 68th model (SSh-68) are stored in warehouses. So, one of the major scientific and production enterprises in Russia took an old Soviet steel helmet, removed the old green paint, painted it in a dark color, covered it with foam fabric on the outside, and inserted a “bulletproof” polyethylene material into the inner part (because they have problems with Kevlar). Strength tests were conducted, and it was found that it was better than Kevlar helmets. For convenience, they also made a soft cushioned base to cushion the impact of bullets on the occupant’s head.

Such a helmet weighs approximately 2 kg, which is quite heavy for constant wear. Currently, such “modernized” Soviet helmets of the 68th model are sold to the Russian army for $400 each.

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You can see how this amazing helmet is made at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNLztAM8AKU&t=71s

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