Prayer belt

When we started working with war trophies and artifacts in Ukraine, we found prayer belts among the belongings of the occupiers. It seems that these prayer belts are issued to them by priests of the Russian Orthodox Church when they bless their soldiers for war in Ukraine and killing. They also bless and consecrate their weapons, including missiles (including nuclear warheads like “Satan”)…

I believe that the Russian Orthodox Church today is the main branch of evil and the devil in the world. And they know it well and accept this role.

Our military knows well what to do with this devil and his servants, who are dying by the tens of thousands in the soil of Ukraine. Shamefully, without any sense or purpose, except for cannibalism and hatred, which they were “pumped” with for decades, first by the communists and then by the Putin propaganda machine.

So that’s our neighbor, who is also blessed for killings by their only and main church of Russia.

If you’re interested in reading about the Russian Orthodox Church, here’s a link in English:

And here’s a link in Ukrainian:

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