The RShG-2″Aglen-2″ (Reactive Grenade Launcher, GRAU index 6G31) is a Russian disposable rocket launcher. It was developed by the NVO “Basalt” based on the RPG-26 “Aglen” and in parallel with the more powerful and heavier grenade launcher RShG-1.

Its purpose is to increase the firepower of an individual soldier in modern combat conditions. The RShG-2 is highly unified with the RPG-26 in terms of the launch device and rocket engine. The main difference between them is the thermobaric warhead of the RShG-2 rocket, designed to combat lightly armored vehicles, fortifications, and infantry.

Only the aiming device was changed in the RShG-2 launch device to increase the firing range. The launcher is a monoblock tube made of fiberglass. The launcher’s ends are covered with rubber caps that are destroyed when fired.

The effective range of this grenade launcher is 200-250 meters. It has been in service with the Russian army since 2000.

The launcher tube poses no danger, as it has been tested by our soldiers on the front lines in combat and has been given to us for conversion into art. We can create an interesting piece for you.

Information about the RPG-26, which served as the basis for the RShG-2, can be found here:

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