Since ancient times, Ukrainian Cossacks were renowned for their Cossack-style haircuts. They shaved the side parts of their heads and left hair in the center, resembling a mohawk but with their own Cossack flair. It is said that this style originated from even earlier times of the Kyivan Rus’, back when Sviatoslav the Brave (938-972 AD) was referred to as a Scythian.

When a warrior rode on horseback, the wind would lift his hair, along with the horse’s mane and the sword in hand, creating a terrifying sight for the enemy. Instilling fear in the enemy was probably the main characteristic of such a hairstyle. Experienced warriors dedicated to military affairs wore it.

Crafting a mohawk with bullets on a trophy Soviet helmet combined with a skull base, which serves as a casing from a 115mm tank shell – is paying tribute to our brave warriors who carry the DNA of Cossack ancestors. They are true modern heroes who will instill fear in generations of our enemies and serve as a shield against the horde of slaves from the east for the entire civilized world.

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