Cossack Mamay – there is so much to say about this symbol of the Ukrainian people. Throughout the ages, Ukrainians have depicted Cossack Mamay in their homes, alongside icons, creating legends and passing them down to future generations. It is a part of the Ukrainian heritage that reminds them of freedom, battles for liberation from occupiers, and the bright future of the nation.

Our Cossack Mamay stands atop the enemies of Ukraine, as it is the only thing invaders should expect on our land. The nation has risen throughout history, revived, and carries the same spirit that our ancestors instilled in their descendants. What is happening in Ukraine today is a timeless vengeance against oppressors, who meet their fate in Ukrainian soil at the hands of the descendants of the valiant Cossacks.

This piece was crafted using the brass casing of a 152mm artillery shell, utilized by our esteemed Cossack warriors in their battle against the horde of slaves.

S/N: 00004shellAOW