“Champions of death” – the ultimate reality show of the post-war era in the terrorist state. Set in the aftermath of the war initiated in Ukraine in 2022, this gripping online show has captivated audiences for the past 23 years since its inception in 2030. The war’s defeat in Ukraine divided the country into ten independent regions, each vying for control over Moscow, the former capital of the federation. The ensuing five-year civil war transformed the nation into a place where death can strike at any time and anywhere, making it the most dangerous location on the planet, surrounded by impenetrable barriers.

Every year, teams prepare to embark simultaneously towards Moscow. It’s an all-out battle where there are no rules except survival of the fittest. The objective is to reach Moscow and capture the Kremlin, where the previous year’s victor resides. 

For three years in a row, the winning team of the game “Champions of Death” has settled in the Kremlin – “The Harvester” team. You can learn more about this team here: 

One of the favorites in the battle for Moscow in 2053 is the “Green Army” team. The Western Siberian Autonomy, formed during the Great Civil War in Moscowy, has long sought leadership in the “Champions of Death.” After their defeat in 2048, Colonel Rodin, who has been leading the Greens for over 20 years, decided on a five-year preparation for the major battle. Not much is known about Rodin: he went to war with Ukraine as a 20-year-old soldier, was taken prisoner, and returned to Samara after an exchange, where he led a rebellion and gained control of the region. He is rumored to have connections with Ukrainians. A shrewd, cynical, and ruthless military leader, he understands the slave mentality of the locals and knows how to control them. The large stockpiles of military equipment and ammunition inherited from the Russian Federation, as well as the organization of his troops, give him a good chance of victory in the battle of ’53. Rodin is one of the season’s favorites.

Our store has an exclusive contract in Ukraine, supplying original “Champions of Death” game souvenirs and offering the sale of viewing rights in accordance with the 2025 “Reparations Law.” Purchase the “Green Army” trophy figurine from the Great Liberation War in Ukraine and receive one month of show viewing as a gift, with exclusive immersion in the main battles on the approaches to Moscow.

We highly recommend watching the game with the “Humanity/Compassion” setting at “-0” and limiting viewing to a maximum of two hours per day. Viewing is restricted to citizens of the world with a Social Adaptation Level 5. License n321ukr696s32 issued on August 24, 2041.

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