Children of war. Such different fates of children on different sides of the front. Our children lose their childhood, dreams, smiles, parents, their little lives. They are exploited by propaganda and adults: they are made to wear the letter “Z,” dressed in military uniforms, subjected to “patriotic” education with weapons, and taught that their parents are fighting against the whole world for the life of their nation.

The world has seen this before. Hitler also used children and instilled Nazi ideas. It was a terrifying but effective mechanism of control and brainwashing the population. It’s not hard to understand what kind of generation “Z” will grow up to be, how many rounds of war there will be with a country that indoctrinates its children in such a way.

It seems that our country and its children will have to be a wall for the civilized world for a very long time, capable of controlling modern-day Nazism from a sick dictator and his army of slaves.

Letters from their children were found by our soldiers at one of the enemy positions. In a box colored by children, there were many letters with drawings of the letters “Z” and “V,” tanks, prayers, and wishes to defeat us and return as heroes. When we received this box and started reading the texts, we realized that we live in different worlds. Trying to convey our values, freedom, and dignity to their world is a futile waste of time today.

The recipients of their children’s letters understand only one language – the language of weapons and our fury, which their generation must remember for centuries. Their children will not be able to build a world of peace and freedom because wherever their “liberators” go, they bring blood, suffering, and slavery. But now luck has not been on their side with Ukraine!

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