A smoking device that allows you to filter and cool the inhaled smoke. It is common to smoke a shisha after a meal, in a calm and quiet environment. During the smoking process, it is advisable to listen to relaxing music.

Our device has many names: “hookah”, “shisha”, “nargile”, (nargila, argila, nargile), “waterpipe”, “gubble-bubble”, “pipa turka”, “bori”, “jajir”, “bovr”, “goza”.
We called it “Nuke Prototype A”, “Nuke Baby” and “Father of Freedom”.

It is made of a tube for fuses (powder) of the M777 howitzer, with a 155-millimeter cannon. Awesome artillery from our friends.
Our shishas (“Nuke Prototype A,” “Nuke Baby,” “Father of Freedom”) are supplied in trophy cardboard boxes designed to store 122mm shells.
Smoking is harmful to your health. 18+, and maybe more.

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