This is a very strange story about an unusual item. I didn’t plan it. Although, to be honest, each of our items is such an unusual blend of coincidences, people, trophies, and ideas that lately I’ve just stopped guessing how our works are created. Some sort of providence…

The thirtieth item in our collection, embodying what drives our enemy. Money in their heads, thoughts. They move by them, for them thousands of slaves go to death and find it in our country. In their pockets are bundles of rubles. Where in Ukraine can you spend rubles now?… What an adventure it is)

The same story happened to our “hero” who was lucky – he ended up in captivity. Pavlik is alive, unlike his friends who remain forever in Ukrainian soil.

60 thousand rubles from his pocket created a striking composition with the excellent work of a talented sculptor.

In the head of the exhibit, you can see the remnants of an ancient Rus battle axe, with which our ancestors beat their enemies many centuries ago and with which our land is sown to remember who we all are. This battle axe ended up in the cotton of the slave’s brain and stuck there forever.

Included with the exhibit are Pavlik’s documents, practically the full set: passport, military ID, chevron. A rare set, slightly used, in excellent collector’s condition.

A fantastic item, symbolic.

And then a video came to our imaginative videographer that sent shivers down the spine.

Although, in reality, Pavlik is not scary, but more funny, a traumatized fool, of whom thousands go to death every day at the call of their poverty and out of fear of their master-grandfather, who wears funny boots with an enlarged sole to increase his height…

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