Venia was a good orc. He was born on the day Putin became the president of Russia. His father was a military man, and his grandfather fought for the Soviet Union. So after school, Venia joined the Russian army. He was a very good soldier: he obeyed his superiors’ commands and did not break discipline. Venia also loved watching television and various interesting programs. He especially liked talk shows about Ukraine, where they talked about Nazis in Ukraine and how they humiliated Russians, and he waited for the opportunity to avenge Russia’s honor.

He was called by ZOV and Grandpa, who fought and to whom Venia had to repay the debt. Venia had been told about this debt on television his whole life. More than anything, he waited and imagined how he would conquer and turn his enemies to ashes, how he could bring his wife what she wanted most: an iPhone, a hair dryer, and a washing machine.

Commanders promised Venia a battle. He had been waiting for it his entire 23-year life. The Urals shook, he was deafened several times, but the smiles of his friends and discussions of the future loot lifted his spirits.

Then, for some reason, the lights went out because a precise shot from a 152mm howitzer instantly turned the car into scrap metal. Venia lay there, looking at the black and soft Ukrainian earth. This moment became eternity for him. A few times, he clenched his jaw. The ground creaked oddly on his teeth. The last thing that flashed through Venia’s neurons was the word “cake.”

Sleep, Venia, say hello to your grandfather, although you are unlikely to meet him – that hell will be yours alone. Ukrainian soil is the only tasty cake that will crunch on the teeth of the occupiers. That’s our cake for you. Welcome to Ukraine! Most of the Russian troops wear such metal helmets of the 1968 model. This exhibit was made from such a trophy helmet. The trophy was captured by our Heroes on the Kharkiv front in the fall of 2022.