VIRUS «Z» (RuViD-2022)

The War Virus «Z» is an ailment that can be inherited from parents, and they, in turn, from their parents. The disease develops over years and can last for decades until complications arise, which the virus carrier cannot control. The main manifestations of complications are unexplained aggression at the level of animal behavior. Primarily, the disease affects large masses of people, who collectively lose their sanity.

In those infected, there arises a desire to kill people, destroy cities, subjugate individuals to their will, and the will of the main mammal in the infected pack. The disease is almost incurable. Mainly, the disease can only be treated through the massive elimination of individuals capable of physical aggression. In this case, the pack is forcibly driven back home and readied for new outbreaks of viral aggression. This was the case, for example, with the FinViD-1939 virus, when a group of infected from the Soviet Union invaded Finland. At that time, to influence the virus, it was necessary to eliminate an average of 150,000 to 200,000 individuals from the infected pack.

Among the infected, sound and visual symbols are encoded accelerators and development factors of the virus. In the case of RuViD-2022, codes to accelerate the virus’s action included references over a span of 20 years to «grandfathers who fought against the Nazis but didn’t kill them all», to the «greatness of the nation over other peoples», to the «unfinished business of grandfathers», and «we can repeat». Additionally, encoded Nazi symbols «Z», «O», «V» have become accelerators, which the pack inflicts wherever possible.

Today’s clinical case of RuViD-2022 is a typical outbreak of the disease, which systematically appeared previously among the infected pack on the territory of Muscovy. We don’t know how many viruses «Z» infected, deranged, and feral individuals need to be eliminated; time will tell. We also don’t know whom the pack will want to infect next with its virus, but remedies for the disease of our neighbor already exist, and they are effective.

S/N: 00003smblAOW