AK12 Sling

There are two types of slings for the AK-12 (Kalashnikov rifle): one is the standard military
black sling, and the other is a custom design called “Dolg” (Debt). The use of the word “Dolg”
(Debt) is a distinctive feature of orcs, constantly reminding them that they owe something to
someone (most often referring to the debt of their ancestors who fought) and, therefore, must
give their lives for this debt.

The AK-12 or 6P70 is a Kalashnikov rifle model introduced in 2012. The first prototype was
developed by the Kalashnikov Concern in 2011 and presented to the public in January 2012. It
represented a fundamentally new rifle, realized using the general design and technical solutions
of the former AK series.

After an unsuccessful attempt under the “Ratnik” program, another, more traditional version of
the AK-12 was proposed in 2016, still bearing the same name. It is a development of the AK-100
series with a complete redesign using digital technology and incorporating some technological
advancements from the experimental AK-12. It entered serial production in 2018.

You can read more about the AK-12 in Ukrainian here:

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