This lightweight anti-tank rocket complex is a true gem of our trophy museum. We were given not only the tube itself but also a model of the rocket, which was found in a slightly damaged condition, cleared of any explosives, making it a very exclusive exhibit.

The Fagot was developed in the Soviet Union in 1962 and adopted for service in 1970. The 9M113 missile flies by wire and is guided by the operator to the target at distances of up to 3000 meters, requiring specialized training. Approximately 10,000 Fagot units were produced, and this rocket complex was deployed in almost all the wars of the Soviet Union and Russia, including the Vietnam War.

The tube of this anti-tank rocket complex and the rocket model pose no danger. We can create an interesting item for you using this exclusive piece.

You can find more information about the Fagot anti-tank rocket complex in English on this link:

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