The newspaper “Krasnaya Zvezda” has been published since 1929. It’s almost 100 years old.
And for all these 100 years, it has been propagating Russian fascism, which the terrorist state has
been spreading worldwide throughout its existence. I don’t know of any country that Russia has
entered and where there hasn’t been bloodshed, suffering, corruption, and poverty. Russia doesn’t
need happy people; it needs slaves who will go and kill neighbors without any purpose or sense.
They are cruel barbarians who are taught from childhood that they are superior to other people
and nations.

So, to Ukraine, they send and sacrifice the Bashkirs, Dagestanis, Chechens, Ossetians,
Belarusians, Kazakhs. Probably there is no nationality subjugated by the Russian Empire that
hasn’t left its sons and fathers in Ukraine in a dishonorable war.

The issues of the newspaper “Krasnaya Zvezda” that have made their way into our collection are
very interesting – they are from the early days of a war that was planned for decades and was
supposed to last for a few weeks. But it didn’t go according to Putin’s plan.

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