CPK Permyachka

The “Permyachka-M” combat protective kit In our collection of trophies, we have many exclusive and unusual items, including the combat protective suit “Permyachka-M”. It is said that such sets are passed on to elite units of occupiers.

According to the developers of this suit (Kirasa company from Perm), there is nothing like it in the world. It is made of aramid material, with Kevlar everywhere: Kevlar jacket, Kevlar pants, Kevlar leg pads, Kevlar inserts in the pants and jacket, and a Kevlar mask. It is designed to protect the occupant’s body from bullets and shrapnel, like the US-68 steel helmet. It is also fire-resistant for 15 seconds or more and has positive buoyancy to facilitate crossing water obstacles. In addition, it cannot be detected by a thermal imager, making the occupant invisible at night.

The set we have was transferred to us in almost new condition, and I did not notice any signs of its use. It is likely that the occupier did not even have time to put it on to become invisible and escape. However, it is an interesting item, of high quality, and, in my opinion, more interesting than the standard issue “Ratnik” uniform, although Permyachka is also part of that set.

There is not much information available about this set in open sources. The suit has indexes 6B/21, 6B/22 Permyachka.

Our set includes: – Kevlar jacket with inserts; – Kevlar pants with inserts; – Kevlar thigh pads; – protective head mask; – mosquito netting; – a rather funny mesh T-shirt for ventilation; – boots; – a modern occupier army helmet 6b47 in perfect condition, hardly worn; – body armor 6B45, part of the “Ratnik” kit; – load-bearing equipment 6Sh116 with various pouches – a high-quality backpack; – knee pads from the “Ratnik” kit.

The set is in perfect condition. It was smuggled into Ukraine in violation of the rules and was confiscated by brave warriors of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now it is part of the great history of the Ukrainian people’s struggle for freedom and independence in 2022-2023.

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