Sergeant’s tablet

We have in our hands an exclusive thing from the war. Officer’s tablet of sergeant and squad leader of military unit 31134 (15th motorized rifle regiment, Moscow region, Kalininets settlement) Tukhfetov Ramil Rinatovich, who was taken captive by the Ukrainian military in the spring of 2022.

There is information on the network about the owner of the tablet, his interview from captivity, which was watched by more than a hundred thousand people. He traveled the world, raised his daughter… but he decided to participate in the marauding and looting of the Ukrainian people. It didn’t work out, he was lucky unlike the rest of his fellow soldiers – he was taken captive. An inglorious end for Putin’s criminal who participated in the genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Here is a link to the source:  (there are links to the sergeant’s interview and a story about life before the war).

The sergeant’s tablet contains pencils, a sharpener, a stationery knife, and the internal service regulations of the armed forces of the Russian Federation with the Russian anthem.

This unique trophy of a captive YouTube star can become yours in the collection of objects of the war of Russia in Ukraine 2022.

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