Ghillie suit

Before you is a set of camouflage protective suit “Kikimora,” which became a trophy and entered our collection. It is unknown where the name “Kikimora” for the sniper suit comes from exactly. There are several versions, one of which connects it with the word “kikit” – an ancient Russian word meaning “to fight, to move.” Perhaps because of its maneuverability and ease of wearing, the suit can be associated with this word. There is also an opinion that the name comes from an ancient Russian legend about Kikimora – a spirit that lives under the floor and harms people at night. In this case, the name may reflect the cunning and stealth of the suit.

I could not find any information on the official types of camouflage suits in the Russian army on the internet. Most likely, this model is a special order.

The suit is of high quality and well-made. It is in perfect condition. It was brought into Ukraine in violation of the rules and was confiscated by brave soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now it is a part of the great history of the Ukrainian people’s struggle for freedom and independence in the years 2022-2023.

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