I’ve been waiting for such a trophy for a long time. We added a full-house to our collection in the
form of a passport, a military ID, patches with a call sign, and money from an occupant orc. We
were also lucky with the last name – Moroz. The traditional Morozov (Moroz) surname ranks 9th in the Russian surname rating. It would be cool to collect them all in passports, at least the top ten.

In our collection, we also have the military ID of the orc Viktor Oleksandrovych Kotov.

So, Denis Vyacheslavovych Moroz, born on January 21, 1993, personal number Yu-046950,
military unit 71289-2, 83rd Ussuri Brigade. In early June 2023, he was captured near Bahmut.
He was lucky, by the way, and he won’t become a “good Russian,” he’ll be part of an exchange.

It’s a typical story of a Russian who lived thousands of kilometers from Ukraine and decided to
earn some money, as it’s one of the main motivations for their holy campaign. Orc Moroz was
born in the small town of Gur’yevsk in the Kemerovo region, 4000 km away from Bahmut in
Ukraine, where the only working enterprise is a metallurgical plant (currently bankrupt). He
moved to Khabarovsk, which is 8,000 kilometers from Ukraine.

The lack of money, any prospects, and the servile nature of Russians – all of this leads them into
Putin’s army, which is the only place where they can get money and exchange it for vodka to
drown their sorrows and forget about reality. Relatives often rejoice when their sons and fathers
are killed in Ukraine because then the family receives around 50,000 US dollars. They’ve never
seen that money, and that’s the real Russian pleasure when they receive news of a man’s death in
the war. In the country of orcs, there’s no gratitude for volunteers going to Ukraine; money
decides everything in this case. Slaves – that’s what they are.

A great exhibit in our collection; we’ll definitely turn it into an interesting art object.

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