Maxim MG Box

Standard classic ammo box for the Maxim machine gun.

In its time, it was the main machine gun of the Russian Empire.

An interesting fact: as of August 15, 2011, the Ministry of Defense stored 35,000 units of this machine gun; on October 8-9, 2014, volunteer battalions used it during the fighting for the Donetsk airport, and at the beginning of December 2014, another Maxim machine gun was seized by SBU officers from supporters of the terrorist organization DPR in the area of Sloviansk. Maxim machine guns of the 1910 model (produced in 1944) were issued to units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that took part in the war in Donbass.

We really enjoy working with such boxes and turning them into interesting symbolic items. We can make a nice thing for you too.

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