The country of the terrorists is developing its defense industry. If at the beginning of the war, we
observed enemy soldiers wearing steel helmets from the 1968 model, now (in 2023), we are
starting to find helmets copied from the so-called FAST (Future Assault Shell Technology)
combat helmet model used by US special operations forces and law enforcement agencies
(SWAT teams).

These helmets are now made not only from Kevlar but also from formed ballistic ultrahigh-
molecular-weight polyethylene, which, according to the manufacturer, is 1.5 times stronger than

I wrote that this helmet is called MICH because it closely resembles it. However, after spending
a significant amount of time examining all the new helmets currently sold by the terrorist
country, I couldn’t find anything in common. It’s a wonder-helmet, with a peculiar coating and a
chin strap system I’ve never seen anywhere else (like something from AliExpress, or maybe not).
I couldn’t find any information about a similar trophy helmet, leading me to the conclusion that a
very important character must have worn it.

This specimen is in perfect condition, and various wonderful art objects can be made from it
according to your desire.
An art object made from such a helmet would be an exclusive addition to your collection.

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