The 7.62mm Kalashnikov machine gun was adopted in 1961 as the only machine gun of the Soviet Armed Forces. In 1969, the machine gun underwent modernization and was renamed the PKM. It is also known as the “Pok√©mon” in popular culture.

One could talk about it for hours, as it has probably seen action in every conflict in the world.

This version of the machine gun, the PKT (index 6P7), is a tank-mounted Kalashnikov machine gun with a heavier barrel and equipped with an electric trigger. It is installed in tank turrets and other combat armored vehicles (BMP, BMD, BTR-60PB/70/80/90, MT-LB, BMP-T, BRDM, BRM). It was adopted in 1962.

This PKT is a true trophy from the war in Ukraine. Burnt and deactivated by the flames of our military, it will be transformed into a wonderful art object in our collection. You will definitely like this exhibit.

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