Trophy helmet 3

This is a Kevlar helmet that was captured by our Ukrainian Armed Forces near Bakhmut. Our friends from the special forces unit said that one of the infiltrators from the sabotage group attempted to approach our military positions while wearing this helmet. However, their mission failed, and we ended up with this trophy helmet.

There are no markings indicating the helmet’s model, and it is not part of the standard equipment used by Russian occupiers. Such helmets were worn by Wagner fighters. It’s unknown whether they are manufactured in Russia, but it’s likely that Wagner imported these helmets from China. I found something similar on AliExpress, and the similarity lies in the suspension system and the rounded ear protrusions.

It closely resembles the Kevlar PASGT IIIA helmet, but the suspension system sets it apart from that version.

This helmet was worn by a Wagner fighter with the call sign “Coreum”.

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