Raid backpack

In our trophy collection, we have a raid backpack 6Sh118. It appeared in the Russian army in 2015 as part of the Ratnik general-purpose kit. This kit was first introduced […]

Sniper pouch

A very rare item in our collection. A sniper pouch for the SV 98 rifle (GRAU index – 6V10), used by special units of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, […]

Sniper pouch

This is a standard pouch for two magazines from a sniper rifle SVD. There’s nothing more to add – this pouch is part of the equipment of the Russian military […]

Mortar backpacks

In our collection of trophies, we have backpacks for carrying a mortar. Designed to be carried by two soldiers, this tactical backpack is in good condition, worn out and no […]


The standard pouches used by the occupiers in the war in Ukraine.

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