GRAU index 6B7-1

Kevlar helmet with the index 6B7-1.

6B7-1 is a very rare Kevlar helmet model used in combat in Ukraine, manufactured in 2003. It was adopted by the Russian army in 2005 and is said to still be in production today, mostly in the 6B7-1M modification.

In the early 2000s, terrorist groups in the rus country struggled to create Kevlar helmet domes from aramid thread, so initially, they modified steel helmets from 1968 with aramid inserts and later began manufacturing Kevlar helmets like the 6B7, 6B27, 6B28, etc.

This helmet represents an evolution of designs used by special army units and was later modified into the 6B7-1M, which is still supplied to terrorists today, along with the 6B47 “Ratnik” helmet.

This helmet offers the lowest level of protection (Class 1) and is not favored by terrorists due to its unreliability and inability to accommodate headphones while preserving hearing. As one of the occupants mentioned in the video at 11 minutes and 16 seconds into the inspection of the 6B7-1 helmet ( “What do we get? Nothing, the chin strap system doesn’t fasten,” and further states that it’s “not good, and he’ll die in this case.”

This helmet is a valuable addition to our collection of rare helmets from the terrorist country.

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