Panzerfaust 3 Tube

This is a nice tube from a German Panzerfaust 3 rocket launcher.

The German Panzerfaust 3 is very symbolic for us. Developed in 1978 by the German company Dynamit Nobel AG, it performs its job 100%. This is a rare rocket launcher in the fields of Ukraine, but we want to repeat – very symbolic. It is so satisfying for us to see the Panzerfausts destroying the tanks of Putin’s dictator in Russia. Putin’s ancestors and his slaves would turn over in their graves if they knew what their children were doing on Soviet tanks in Ukraine and that they are being destroyed by the hands of brave Ukrainian soldiers with German Panzerfausts. “We can repeat it” sounds very pleasant in this case.

We really like working with this rocket launcher and making interesting things out of it. We can make an interesting item for you as well.

A nice story from our soldier about this rocket launcher:

About the rocket launcher in English:

About the rocket launcher in Ukrainian:

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