Children’s Letters

I had been searching for something like this for a long time. I knew it existed, but I couldn’t believe that I would be able to hold something like this […]

Fragments of war (122mm)

Fragments of war (122mm) There are much war debris like this in Ukraine. Pieces of machinery, rockets, weapons… They are everywhere that the Russian occupiers have been.  I have thought […]


Exclusive item from the war. M142 HIMARS, provided by our allies, changed the course of the war.It’s the perfect weapon for Ukraine.God bless America! In our collection, we have a […]

Battle map

In our collection, we have a very exclusive item. It is a working map with Lieutenant Movchan’s visa. Our soldiers found this map during the liberation of the Kharkiv region […]

Dry ration №5

Since the beginning of the armed aggression, our soldiers have found such army ration packs in the prisoners of war from the Russian army. This box weighs more than 2 […]

Cosmetic bag

Each soldier of the occupying army is issued such a cosmetic bag. In it, we found a “Russian Standard” cosmetic line, which the occupier seems to have not had a […]

First aid kit

Each soldier of the occupying army is issued such a first aid kit. I don’t know how long a Russian soldier can survive on the battlefield with any injury using […]

Artillery tablet

In our collection, we have an exclusive item, an artillery tablet used by the occupiers’ artillerymen to calculate the work of their artillery. We could not find anything similar in […]

Sergeant’s tablet

We have in our hands an exclusive thing from the war. Officer’s tablet of sergeant and squad leader of military unit 31134 (15th motorized rifle regiment, Moscow region, Kalininets settlement) […]

Gas mask

The occupiers in Ukraine use these gas masks. This is one of the modifications of the civilian gas mask GP-7 that was supplied to the occupier army. There is nothing […]

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