When we started working with war trophies and artifacts in Ukraine, we found it strange to see books, statutes, and various instructions that the occupiers carried with them. Why would […]

Prayer belt

When we started working with war trophies and artifacts in Ukraine, we found prayer belts among the belongings of the occupiers. It seems that these prayer belts are issued to […]


The occupiers really love these trinkets. We have plenty of them: cockades, medals, chevrons with lightning bolts and so on. We use them in our products because they are very […]


Simply put, it’s the tail of a mine. There are many of these in Ukraine and they fly towards the enemy and occupier. We can make an interesting exhibit for […]

Missile fragments

There are many fragments of war in Ukraine, including parts of rockets that the occupiers are trying to use to destroy Ukrainian cities. This is a part of the X-101 […]

Fragments of war

There are many war debris like this in Ukraine. Pieces of machinery, rockets, weapons… They are everywhere that the Russian occupiers have been. I have thought for a long time […]


“Remove before firing” – these labels are found on the tubes for storing gunpowder for the M777 howitzer. The material and 3D letters on the labels look great. We can […]


A vintage bucket from the occupiers’ armored vehicles. It could be a great exhibit created by our craftsmen.

SVD (rifle) Magazines

Magazines for the Dragunov sniper rifle (SVD). The ammunition feeding during shooting is done from a box magazine with a capacity of 10 rounds. Such original magazines are part of […]

AK12 Magazines

Magazines for the AK-12 (Kalashnikov rifle). Such original magazines are part of our collection. The AK-12 or 6P70 is a Kalashnikov rifle model introduced in 2012. The first prototype was […]

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